Corporate Moving Checklist for Birmingham Businesses and Employees

Corporate Moving Checklist

The preparation required for a corporate business move to, from, or around Birmingham is often more complicated than a standard residential move. For this reason, it is important for corporate moving customers to use a corporate relocation checklist. This checklist can serve as your guide to keep you organized and on schedule from initial planning until the last piece of furniture is moved into your new space.

Take advantage of the following to-do list for moving to your new corporate location:

✔ Six Months Before the Move

  • Assign one person to oversee the moving preparations and one person from each department to oversee organization and take questions
  • Plan out the computer, phone systems, and data center transfer and timing
  • Hire an interior designer, if applicable
  • Order new furniture for the new space, if applicable
  • Research possible corporate moving companies

✔ Four Months Before the Move

  • Meet with the planning team
  • Make final decisions about office layout design, and structure
  • Make final plans for the phone and computer systems

✔ Two Months Before the Move

  • Schedule disconnection and connection of all utilities
  • Place orders for new stationery, business cards, and other office supplies with the company’s new phone number and address
  • Schedule the relocation of leased equipment with vendors
  • Choose your moving company (Armstrong Relocation Commercial Services!)
  • If employees are packing their own spaces, take advantage of Packing Classes taught by your moving company

✔ One Month Before the Move

  • Arrange for material delivery of Cartons, Labels, Packing Material from Moving Company
  • Submit an official move request with the U.S. Postal Service
  • Inform banks, suppliers, vendors, insurance companies, and other important parties of the move
  • Inform clients of the move with a formal letter
  • Meet with the planning team to complete any remaining details
  • Issue a press release about the upcoming move
  • Review Packing / Moving video from your Moving Company

✔ Two to Three Weeks Before the Move

  • Finalize plans with all current and new building managers
  • Confirm the installation of phone and computer systems
  • Confirm timing of data center transfer
  • Assign and/or order parking spaces, phone numbers, desk locations, keys, etc.
  • Perform a final walk-through with your moving company
  • Start packing items not in use

✔ One Week Before the Move

  • Go over the plans for the new location to ensure everything is ready for moving day
  • Confirm the schedule with your moving company

✔ One Day Before the Move

  • Ensure all boxes are labeled properly
  • Update company social media and website with new contact information, i.e. phone number and address
  • Oversee/finalize the installation of the phone and computer systems
  • Give your employees the new office layout

✔ The Day of Moving

  • Have the moving company place the boxes according to their labels
  • Have the employees unpack their boxes

This preparing-to-move checklist for corporate relocations is a good start to help you stay organized and achieve a streamlined and efficient move for your business and employees.

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