Moving with Kids: Tips

Moving with Kids: Tips

When you are leaving your current home for a new home to or from the Birmingham area, you and your family are making a big transition. This is not only a big change for you, but your kids can experience a big disruption in their lives and everything that is familiar to them. However, a moving out of town checklist that contains tips for moving with kids can help you lessen the stress on your children and the entire family.

Consider the following tips to lessen the challenge of moving with your kids and make the entire process easier for them from start to finish:

Keep Your Kids Involved

With so many responsibilities to consider and tasks to complete, including coordinating with your movers, it can be easy to overlook the needs of your kids in the moving process. It is important to keep your kids involved whenever possible. Allowing them to participate in the smallest tasks can help them feel better about making the transition to their new home.

Some of the ways you can do this include:

  • Have the kids run a yard sale
  • Have your children choose options for paint colors
  • Repurpose packing material for fun (i.e. making a small box house for the kids to play in)
  • Allow the kids to pack some of their own moving boxes
  • Let your kids place stickers on their boxes

Host a Goodbye Party

Children can become fearful about moving to a new neighborhood and leaving their current friends from school. You can help your kids say goodbye by hosting a goodbye party at your old home that includes your children’s friends.

Minimize Change

Keeping the amount of change to a minimum can help make it easier for your kids to adjust. As you move into your new home, try keeping things the same by setting up the kids’ bedroom furniture the same as it was in their old home. Maintain the same routines in the mornings. You may have other family routines you can maintain as well that helps the kids feel the familiarity of family life as it has been.

Pack a Moving-Day Bag

Have your kids pack a moving day bag for the move that includes their most important toys. Smaller children may want to pack their favorite stuffed animal. Some of the other packed moving boxes may not be unpacked for a week or longer, so it is important for your kids to have some of their most meaningful possessions easily accessible in their moving day bag.

As well, you may want to pack them a special moving day bag as a surprise with a toy, a game, and some snacks for the long trip to their new home.

By using this home relocation checklist with tips for moving with kids, you can help make the entire journey a more enjoyable experience for your children and the entire family.

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